ACDK Make Workspaces


In ACDK Make Workspace a distribution unit with sources, configuration, tests and documentation will be defined.

;; this code equal in every workspace
(defun acdk-project-main-init ()

(defun make-project-main ()
  ;; don't edit this
  (acdk-project-main-init) ; just initialization
  ;; TODO Name of the package/workspace
  (setg acdkmake-project-name "acdk_boot")
  ;; TODO the version of acdk all packages in one distribution should be compatible
  (setg acdk-project-distribution-version "1.00") 

  ;; TODO the version of the current package
  (setg acdk-project-package-version "1.00.2")

  ;; TODO which platforms are supported in this package
  (setg acdk-project-platforms
    '("dsp" "linux" "sunos-gcc")
  ;; TODO list of directory/subprojectsname/dependencies
  (setg acdk-projects
        ("src" "acdk_boot_dll" ())
        ("src" "HelloWorld" (acdk_boot_dll))
  ;; don't change this

;; don't change this