class_IHolder members

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IHolder< I > Member List

This is the complete list of members for IHolder< I >, including all inherited members.
_ifaceIHolder< I > [private]
i()IHolder< I > [inline]
IHolder(I *iface=0)IHolder< I > [inline]
IHolder(const IHolder< I > &other)IHolder< I > [inline]
iptr()IHolder< I > [inline]
operator &()IHolder< I > [inline]
operator *()IHolder< I > [inline]
operator I *&()IHolder< I > [inline]
operator I **()IHolder< I > [inline]
operator void **()IHolder< I > [inline]
operator!=(void *ptr) constIHolder< I > [inline]
operator->()IHolder< I > [inline]
operator==(void *ptr) constIHolder< I > [inline]
~IHolder()IHolder< I > [inline]