class FileDialog

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acdk::wx::FileDialog Class Reference

#include <FileDialog.h>

Inheritance diagram for acdk::wx::FileDialog:

acdk::wx::Dialog acdk::wx::TopLevelWindow acdk::wx::Window acdk::wx::EvtHandler acdk::wx::WxObject acdk::lang::Object acdk::lang::ObjectBase acdk::lang::dmi::StdDispatch List of all members.

Detailed Description

see wxFileDialog

Roger Rene Kommer (mailto:kommer@artefaktur.com)
2005/02/05 10:45:35

Public Member Functions

 FileDialog (IN(RWindow) parent, IN(RString) message, IN(RString) defaultDir=, IN(RString) defaultFile=, IN(RString) wildCard=*.*, int style=0, IN(RPoint) pos=Point::defaultPosition())
void setMessage (IN(RString) message)
RString getMessage () const
void setPath (IN(RString) path)
void setDirectory (IN(RString) dir)
void setFilename (IN(RString) name)
void setWildcard (IN(RString) wildCard)
void setStyle (int style)
void setFilterIndex (int filterIndex)
RString getPath () const
void getPaths (IN(RStringArray) paths) const
RString getDirectory () const
RString getFilename () const
RStringArray getFilenames () const
RString getWildcard () const
int getStyle () const
int getFilterIndex () const
virtual int showModal ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

acdk::wx::FileDialog::FileDialog IN(RWindow parent,
IN(RString message,
IN(RString defaultDir = ,
IN(RString defaultFile = ,
IN(RString wildCard = *.*,
int  style = 0,
IN(RPoint pos = Point::defaultPosition()

style combination of FileDialogFlags

Member Function Documentation

RString acdk::wx::FileDialog::getDirectory  )  const [inline]

RString acdk::wx::FileDialog::getFilename  )  const [inline]

RStringArray acdk::wx::FileDialog::getFilenames  )  const [inline]

int acdk::wx::FileDialog::getFilterIndex  )  const [inline]

RString acdk::wx::FileDialog::getMessage  )  const [inline]

RString acdk::wx::FileDialog::getPath  )  const [inline]

void acdk::wx::FileDialog::getPaths IN(RStringArray paths  )  const [inline]

int acdk::wx::FileDialog::getStyle  )  const [inline]

RString acdk::wx::FileDialog::getWildcard  )  const [inline]

void acdk::wx::FileDialog::setDirectory IN(RString dir  )  [inline]

void acdk::wx::FileDialog::setFilename IN(RString name  )  [inline]

void acdk::wx::FileDialog::setFilterIndex int  filterIndex  )  [inline]

void acdk::wx::FileDialog::setMessage IN(RString message  )  [inline]

void acdk::wx::FileDialog::setPath IN(RString path  )  [inline]

void acdk::wx::FileDialog::setStyle int  style  )  [inline]

void acdk::wx::FileDialog::setWildcard IN(RString wildCard  )  [inline]

virtual int acdk::wx::FileDialog::showModal  )  [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented from acdk::wx::Dialog.