CfgScript Basic Types


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Basic types are the common atomar value types.

Content of this chapter:

   Basic Types
   Basic Types are Objects

 Basic Types

: 'bool'
| 'char'
| 'byte'
| 'short'
| 'int'
| 'jlong'
| 'float'
| 'double'


// declaration and initialization of an int variable:
int i = 42;
bool b = true;

 Basic Types are Objects

Different to native C++-code the basic types are handled in CfgScript as objects too. ACDK uses the class  acdk::lang::dmi::DmiObject to manage basic types.

int i = 42;
i.toString().length() == 2;

Different to other Object types, basic types are passed by value, not by reference like normal objects.


Literal of basic types can also be used as objects:

42.toString().length() == 2;
"AB".length() == 2;