ACDK Metainfo (RTTI)


The major features of ACDK are based on Metainfo: a - very - advanced version of runtime type information (RTTI) which supports exploration of class hierarchy, fields, constructors and methods of class.
Metainfo is be used to provide gargabe collecting, loading classes with a class loader, serialization, attaching user defined attributes to a class or object and dynamic access to all aspects of an object at runtime.

Sub chapter pages:

Introduction to ACDK Metainfo.

How to create Metainfo for C++ classes and Scripting ACDK classes, like CfgScript COM objects, etc.

Through the build in Metainformation of ACDK classes can be loacated and loaded by name.

The metainfo of ACDK can be used to serialize ACDK Objects to a stream, XML file or other formats.

Reflection is the ability to get information about the construction of an Object at runtime. ACDK supports Refection in the Java like manner.

One of the most interessting features of C# are Attributes, which works like a Compiler-Plugin interface. It can be used to implement some sort of Aspect-Programming features.

How the Metainfo is build in to ACDK

Please refer also to  Macros parsed by teh ACDK Metacompiler.