ACDK Language


Although ACDK is pure C++ it has also many aspects of a own language.

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ACDK provides an organized type modell on top of C++ for basic types, interfaces, objects, arrays, exceptions, enumerations and namespaces.

In this chapter, an overview and reference about the language of ACDK, in comparison to the one of Java, will be shown.

The major features of ACDK are based on Metainfo: a - very - advanced version of runtime type information (RTTI) which supports exploration of class hierarchy, fields, constructors and methods of class. Metainfo is be used to provide gargabe collecting, loading classes with a class loader, serialization, attaching user defined attributes to a class or object and dynamic access to all aspects of an object at runtime.

The Dynamic Method Invocation (DMI) mechanism allows to call the methods of an ACDK DMI Server object (Any ACDK C++-, CfgScript- or Java-classes, or COM/ActiveX and CORBA components) at runtime via C++ (also C++ to C++ in the sense weak binding via reflection), Java, CfgScript, COM, CORBA, Perl, Python, Tcl or Lisp.

ACDK contains a flexible memory management framework, including debugging features.

There are several regards of performance of ACDK program.

Please refer also to  Pseudo ACDK keywords.