ACDK Types


ACDK provides an organized type modell on top of C++ for basic types, interfaces, objects, arrays, exceptions, enumerations and namespaces.

Sub chapter pages:

ACDK has a set on known basic types.

Enumaration are directly supported by ACDK.

The major type of ACDK are Objects.

Arrays from other types (basic types and classes/interfaces)

Inteface types describes only an interface. These interfaces has to be implemented by an Object

Exception types used to signal errors or other exeptional conditions.

Members are variables bound to a ACDK class.

Methods are function bound to a ACDK interface or class.

Namespaces groups ACDK classes and interfaces into a logical unit.

The rich type system of the C++-Language can be used in ACDK. Because these types are unkown to the ACDK meta info system they are called foreign types.