class DmiProxyBase

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acdk::lang::dmi::DmiProxyBase Class Reference

#include <DmiProxy.h>

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Detailed Description

DmiProxy is the base class for DMI proxys for interfaces, which enables to implement interfaces with DMI server implemenation.

If an interface not tagged with the final attribute the acdkmc generated the proxy. The proxy delegates all interface calls via invoke to the given DMI Server delegate object.

Roger Rene Kommer (kommer@artefaktur.com)
2005/04/09 19:26:52

Public Member Functions

 DmiProxyBase ()
virtual ~DmiProxyBase ()
void _initThis (Object *This)
 DmiProxyBase (IN(RObjectArray) proxies, IN(RObject) dmiTarget, int flags, const::acdk::lang::dmi::ClazzInfo *ci)
bool _dmiProxyIsOverloaded (const ClazzInfo *ci, const ClazzMethodInfo *mi)
bool isDmiOverLoaded (const ClazzInfo *ci, const ClazzMethodInfo *mi)
Object_dmiProxyCast (const ClazzInfo *ci)
 Cast underlying dmi proxy.

RObject _dmiProxyGetTarget ()
 return valid object or throw NullPointerException

virtual ObjectgetDmiTarget (OUT(bool) forwarded, const::acdk::lang::dmi::ClazzInfo *&ci)
Object_dmiProxygetDmiTarget (OUT(bool) forwarded, const::acdk::lang::dmi::ClazzInfo *&ci)
void setDmiTarget (INP(RObject) target)
Object_cast (const::acdk::lang::dmi::ClazzInfo *ci)
DmiClientgetDmiClient ()
void setDmiClient (const DmiClient &dc)
bool _gc_releaseRef (const Object *This) const

Public Attributes

acdk::lang::RObject _dmiTarget

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

acdk::lang::dmi::DmiProxyBase::DmiProxyBase  )  [inline]

virtual acdk::lang::dmi::DmiProxyBase::~DmiProxyBase  )  [inline, virtual]

acdk::lang::dmi::DmiProxyBase::DmiProxyBase IN(RObjectArray proxies,
IN(RObject dmiTarget,
int  flags,
const::acdk::lang::dmi::ClazzInfo *  ci

Member Function Documentation

Object* acdk::lang::dmi::DmiProxyBase::_cast const::acdk::lang::dmi::ClazzInfo *  ci  ) 

Object* acdk::lang::dmi::DmiProxyBase::_dmiProxyCast const ClazzInfo ci  )  [inline]

Cast underlying dmi proxy.

Object* acdk::lang::dmi::DmiProxyBase::_dmiProxygetDmiTarget OUT(bool)  forwarded,
const ::acdk::lang::dmi::ClazzInfo *&  ci

RObject acdk::lang::dmi::DmiProxyBase::_dmiProxyGetTarget  )  [inline]

return valid object or throw NullPointerException

bool acdk::lang::dmi::DmiProxyBase::_dmiProxyIsOverloaded const ClazzInfo ci,
const ClazzMethodInfo mi

bool acdk::lang::dmi::DmiProxyBase::_gc_releaseRef const Object This  )  const

void acdk::lang::dmi::DmiProxyBase::_initThis Object This  ) 

DmiClient& acdk::lang::dmi::DmiProxyBase::getDmiClient  )  [inline]

virtual Object* acdk::lang::dmi::DmiProxyBase::getDmiTarget OUT(bool)  forwarded,
const ::acdk::lang::dmi::ClazzInfo *&  ci
[inline, virtual]

bool acdk::lang::dmi::DmiProxyBase::isDmiOverLoaded const ClazzInfo ci,
const ClazzMethodInfo mi

void acdk::lang::dmi::DmiProxyBase::setDmiClient const DmiClient dc  )  [inline]

void acdk::lang::dmi::DmiProxyBase::setDmiTarget INP(RObject target  )  [inline]

Member Data Documentation

DmiClient& acdk::lang::dmi::DmiProxyBase::_dmiClient

acdk::lang::RObject acdk::lang::dmi::DmiProxyBase::_dmiTarget