class core_system

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acdk::lang::sys::core_system Class Reference

#include <core_system.h>

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Detailed Description

implements a basic system wrapper

Public Types

typedef int(* MainFunction )(int argc, char *argv[], char *envp[])
typedef bool(* InitializeFunction )(void *arg)
typedef void(* DeinitializeFunction )(void *arg)

Static Public Member Functions

int core_main (MainFunction, int argc, char *argv[], char *envp[])
ExecutionState getState ()
void setState (ExecutionState state)
bool inMain ()
void registerIntializer (InitializeFunction, void *arg=0)
void registerDeintializer (DeinitializeFunction, void *arg=0)
RString fq_executable_filename (IN(RString) name)
 return the fq executable name.

bool intialize ()
void deintialize ()
unsigned int _getSP ()
bool isPtrInStack (void *ptr)
 returns true, if the pointer is pointing into stack

Static Public Attributes

ExecutionState execution_state
 this is the basic wrapper for main.

bool isInMain
bool acdk_core_static_bound

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* acdk::lang::sys::core_system::DeinitializeFunction)(void* arg)

typedef bool(* acdk::lang::sys::core_system::InitializeFunction)(void* arg)

typedef int(* acdk::lang::sys::core_system::MainFunction)(int argc, char* argv[], char* envp[])

Member Function Documentation

unsigned int acdk::lang::sys::core_system::_getSP  )  [inline, static]

int acdk::lang::sys::core_system::core_main MainFunction  ,
int  argc,
char *  argv[],
char *  envp[]

void acdk::lang::sys::core_system::deintialize  )  [static]

RString acdk::lang::sys::core_system::fq_executable_filename IN(RString name  )  [static]

return the fq executable name.

if name contains '/' it looks relative to current directory if name is only a file name search in PATH if not found, return unmodified name

if the process used chdir, relativ path will not be handled correctly

ExecutionState acdk::lang::sys::core_system::getState  )  [inline, static]

bool acdk::lang::sys::core_system::inMain  )  [inline, static]

bool acdk::lang::sys::core_system::intialize  )  [static]

bool acdk::lang::sys::core_system::isPtrInStack void *  ptr  )  [static]

returns true, if the pointer is pointing into stack

void acdk::lang::sys::core_system::registerDeintializer DeinitializeFunction  ,
void *  arg = 0

void acdk::lang::sys::core_system::registerIntializer InitializeFunction  ,
void *  arg = 0

void acdk::lang::sys::core_system::setState ExecutionState  state  )  [static]

Member Data Documentation

bool acdk::lang::sys::core_system::acdk_core_static_bound [static]

ExecutionState acdk::lang::sys::core_system::execution_state [static]

this is the basic wrapper for main.

bool acdk::lang::sys::core_system::isInMain [static]