class AcdkUnitConfigTask

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acdk::make::AcdkUnitConfigTask Class Reference

#include <AcdkUnitConfigTask.h>

Inheritance diagram for acdk::make::AcdkUnitConfigTask:

acdk::make::AbstractTask acdk::lang::Object acdk::make::Task acdk::lang::ObjectBase acdk::lang::dmi::StdDispatch List of all members.

Detailed Description

Used to configure global unit task.

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Public Member Functions

 AcdkUnitConfigTask ()
void addDefine (IN(RString) str)
void addIncludePath (IN(RString) str)
void addLibraryPath (IN(RString) str)
void addExecPath (IN(RString) str)
virtual bool execute (IN(RString) exec, IN(RProps) props)
 Public interface to execute a task.

Private Attributes

RProps _props

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

acdk::make::AcdkUnitConfigTask::AcdkUnitConfigTask  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void acdk::make::AcdkUnitConfigTask::addDefine IN(RString str  ) 

void acdk::make::AcdkUnitConfigTask::addExecPath IN(RString str  ) 

void acdk::make::AcdkUnitConfigTask::addIncludePath IN(RString str  ) 

void acdk::make::AcdkUnitConfigTask::addLibraryPath IN(RString str  ) 

virtual bool acdk::make::AcdkUnitConfigTask::execute IN(RString exec,
IN(RProps props

Public interface to execute a task.

Implementation Task should implement execute.

exec string identifies what to do
props current properties

Reimplemented from acdk::make::AbstractTask.

Member Data Documentation

RProps acdk::make::AcdkUnitConfigTask::_props [private]