class FileSet

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acdk::make::FileSet Class Reference

#include <FileSet.h>

Inheritance diagram for acdk::make::FileSet:

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Detailed Description

Creates a file set of given globbin pattern specs.

Public Member Functions

 FileSet ()
 FileSet (IN(RString) spec)
 FileSet (IN(RStringArray) specs)
void addSpec (IN(RString) spec)
RStringArray getFiles ()
 returns the the files

Static Public Member Functions

RFileSet createFileSpecs (IN(RStringArray) filesOrDirs, IN(RStringArray) filematchpattern, bool alwaysAddFiles=true)
 return a file set constructed by filesOrDirs with given file extensions

Public Attributes

RStringArray _fileSpecs

Private Member Functions

void expand (IN(RString) spec, IN(RStringArray) erg)
bool isPattern (IN(RString) spec)
void expandPattern (IN(RString) pattern, IN(RStringArray) erg)
void collectFiles (IN(acdk::io::RFile) dir, IN(acdk::io::RFilenameFilter) filter, IN(RStringArray) flist)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

acdk::make::FileSet::FileSet  )  [inline]

acdk::make::FileSet::FileSet IN(RString spec  )  [inline]

acdk::make::FileSet::FileSet IN(RStringArray specs  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void acdk::make::FileSet::addSpec IN(RString spec  )  [inline]

void acdk::make::FileSet::collectFiles IN(acdk::io::RFile dir,
IN(acdk::io::RFilenameFilter filter,
IN(RStringArray flist

RFileSet acdk::make::FileSet::createFileSpecs IN(RStringArray filesOrDirs,
IN(RStringArray filematchpattern,
bool  alwaysAddFiles = true

return a file set constructed by filesOrDirs with given file extensions

alwaysAddFiles if filesOrDir is a file and alwaysAddFiles == true always add to file set, independed the file doesn't have the extension

void acdk::make::FileSet::expand IN(RString spec,
IN(RStringArray erg

void acdk::make::FileSet::expandPattern IN(RString pattern,
IN(RStringArray erg

RStringArray acdk::make::FileSet::getFiles  ) 

returns the the files

bool acdk::make::FileSet::isPattern IN(RString spec  )  [private]

Member Data Documentation

RStringArray acdk::make::FileSet::_fileSpecs