class LiteMemTable

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acdk::sql::sqlite::LiteMemTable Class Reference

#include <LiteTable.h>

Inheritance diagram for acdk::sql::sqlite::LiteMemTable:

acdk::lang::Object acdk::lang::ObjectBase acdk::lang::dmi::StdDispatch List of all members.

Detailed Description

Different to LiteTable LiteMemTable reads the complete result set from a query into memory All fields of a record will represented by a string.

Public Member Functions

 LiteMemTable (char **table, int cols, int rows)
 ~LiteMemTable ()
int columnCount ()
int rowCount ()
RStringArray getColumnNames ()
 return the names of the columns

RString getColumnName (int col)
 idx starts with 1

RString getField (int row, int col)
 row starts with 0 and row starts with 1

int getMaxColWidth (int col)
 return the maximum needed characters need to display all rows of a col This also includes the column names

RStringArray getRow (int row)
acdk::util::RIterator iterator ()
 returns LiteMemTableIterator

void printTable (IN(acdk::io::RPrintWriter) out)
 prints a table as ascii:

Protected Member Functions

int _checkColIdx (int idx)
int _checkRowIdx (int idx)

Protected Attributes

char ** _table
int _cols
int _rows

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

acdk::sql::sqlite::LiteMemTable::LiteMemTable char **  table,
int  cols,
int  rows

acdk::sql::sqlite::LiteMemTable::~LiteMemTable  ) 

Member Function Documentation

int acdk::sql::sqlite::LiteMemTable::_checkColIdx int  idx  )  [inline, protected]

int acdk::sql::sqlite::LiteMemTable::_checkRowIdx int  idx  )  [inline, protected]

int acdk::sql::sqlite::LiteMemTable::columnCount  )  [inline]

RString acdk::sql::sqlite::LiteMemTable::getColumnName int  col  )  [inline]

idx starts with 1

RStringArray acdk::sql::sqlite::LiteMemTable::getColumnNames  ) 

return the names of the columns

RString acdk::sql::sqlite::LiteMemTable::getField int  row,
int  col

row starts with 0 and row starts with 1

int acdk::sql::sqlite::LiteMemTable::getMaxColWidth int  col  ) 

return the maximum needed characters need to display all rows of a col This also includes the column names

RStringArray acdk::sql::sqlite::LiteMemTable::getRow int  row  )  [inline]

acdk::util::RIterator acdk::sql::sqlite::LiteMemTable::iterator  )  [inline]

returns LiteMemTableIterator

void acdk::sql::sqlite::LiteMemTable::printTable IN(acdk::io::RPrintWriter out  ) 

prints a table as ascii:

intcol|stringcol ----------------- 1 |first 2 |second 3 |third

int acdk::sql::sqlite::LiteMemTable::rowCount  )  [inline]

Member Data Documentation

int acdk::sql::sqlite::LiteMemTable::_cols [protected]

int acdk::sql::sqlite::LiteMemTable::_rows [protected]

char** acdk::sql::sqlite::LiteMemTable::_table [protected]