class PropertiesChangeListener

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acdk::util::PropertiesChangeListener Class Reference

#include <Properties.h>

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Detailed Description

interface to listen to changes on a Properties set.

This callback is only called, if a modifing operation is called directly on the Properties. see also PropertiesChangeAction

Public Member Functions

virtual void propertyChanged (PropertiesChangeAction action, IN(RProperties) props, IN(RString) key, IN(acdk::lang::Object) value)=0
 Callback when Property was changed.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void acdk::util::PropertiesChangeListener::propertyChanged PropertiesChangeAction  action,
IN(RProperties props,
IN(RString key,
IN(acdk::lang::Object value
[pure virtual]

Callback when Property was changed.

action see PropertiesChangeAction
props the properties that was changed
key the key changed
value String, Map or StringArray, depending on action