class FrameLayout

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acdk::wx::ide::FrameLayout Class Reference

#include <FrameLayout.h>

Inheritance diagram for acdk::wx::ide::FrameLayout:

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Detailed Description

see wxFrameLayout

Roger Rene Kommer (mailto:kommer@artefaktur.com)
2005/02/06 13:12:12

Public Member Functions

 FrameLayout (IN(RWindow) parentFrame, IN(RWindow) frameClient=Nil, bool activateNow=true)

void addPlugins (int plugIds)
bool addPlugin (IN(RString) pluginWxClassName)
void enableFloating (bool enable=true)
void activate ()
void deactivate ()
void hideBarWindows ()
void destroyBarWindows ()
void setFrameClient (IN(RWindow) pFrameClient)
RWindow getFrameClient ()
RWindow getParentFrame ()
RDockPaneArray getPanesArray ()
RDockPane getPane (int alignment)
 Returns a pane for the given alignment.

void addBar (IN(RWindow) pBarWnd, IN(RDimInfo) dimInfo, int alignment=FlAlignTop, int state=CbarDockedHorizontally, int rowNo=0, int columnPos=0, IN(RString) name=bar, bool spyEvents=false)
 note: the order of argument is a little bit different Adds bar information to the frame layout.

bool redockBar (IN(RBarInfo) pBar, IN(RRect) shapeInParent, IN(RDockPane) pToPane=Nil, bool updateNow=true)
RBarInfo findBarByName (IN(RString) name)
RBarInfo findBarByWindow (IN(RWindow) pWnd)
void setBarState (IN(RBarInfo) pBar, int newStatem, bool updateNow)
void inverseVisibility (IN(RBarInfo) pBar)
void applyBarProperties (IN(RBarInfo) pBar)
void removeBar (IN(RBarInfo) pBar)
void recalcLayout (bool repositionBarsNow=false)
int getClientHeight ()
int getClientWidth ()
RRect getClientRect ()
void setMargins (int top, int bottom, int left, int right, int paneMask=wxALL_PANES)
void setPaneBackground (IN(RColour) colour)
void refreshNow (bool recalcLayout=true)
void popPlugin ()
void popAllPlugins ()
void pushDefaultPlugins ()
bool hasTopPlugin ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

acdk::wx::ide::FrameLayout::FrameLayout IN(RWindow parentFrame,
IN(RWindow frameClient = Nil,
bool  activateNow = true


Member Function Documentation

void acdk::wx::ide::FrameLayout::activate  )  [inline]

void acdk::wx::ide::FrameLayout::addBar IN(RWindow pBarWnd,
IN(RDimInfo dimInfo,
int  alignment = FlAlignTop,
int  state = CbarDockedHorizontally,
int  rowNo = 0,
int  columnPos = 0,
IN(RString name = bar,
bool  spyEvents = false

note: the order of argument is a little bit different Adds bar information to the frame layout.

The appearance of the layout is not refreshed immediately; RefreshNow() can be called if necessary.

Notes: the argument pBarWnd can by NULL, resulting in bar decorations to be drawn around the empty rectangle (filled with default background colour). Argument dimInfo can be reused for adding any number of bars, since it is not used directly - instead its members are copied. If the dimensions handler is present, its instance is shared (reference counted). The dimension handler should always be allocated on the heap.

pBarWnd is the window to be managed.

dimInfo contains dimension information.

alignment is a value such as FL_ALIGN_TOP.

rowNo is the vertical position or row in the pane (if in docked state).

columnPos is the horizontal position within the row in pixels (if in docked state).

name is a name by which the bar can be referred in layout customization dialogs.

If spyEvents is TRUE, input events for the bar should be spyed in order to forward unhandled mouse clicks to the frame layout, for example to enable easy draggablity of toolbars just by clicking on their interior regions. For widgets like text/tree control this value should be FALSE, since there's no certain way to detect whether the event was actually handled.

state is the initial state, such as wxCBAR_DOCKED_HORIZONTALLY, wxCBAR_FLOATING, wxCBAR_HIDDEN.

bool acdk::wx::ide::FrameLayout::addPlugin IN(RString pluginWxClassName  )  [inline]

void acdk::wx::ide::FrameLayout::addPlugins int  plugIds  )  [inline]

is combination of FrameLayoutPlugins

void acdk::wx::ide::FrameLayout::applyBarProperties IN(RBarInfo pBar  )  [inline]

void acdk::wx::ide::FrameLayout::deactivate  )  [inline]

void acdk::wx::ide::FrameLayout::destroyBarWindows  )  [inline]

void acdk::wx::ide::FrameLayout::enableFloating bool  enable = true  )  [inline]

RBarInfo acdk::wx::ide::FrameLayout::findBarByName IN(RString name  )  [inline]

RBarInfo acdk::wx::ide::FrameLayout::findBarByWindow IN(RWindow pWnd  )  [inline]

int acdk::wx::ide::FrameLayout::getClientHeight  )  [inline]

RRect acdk::wx::ide::FrameLayout::getClientRect  )  [inline]

int acdk::wx::ide::FrameLayout::getClientWidth  )  [inline]

RWindow acdk::wx::ide::FrameLayout::getFrameClient  )  [inline]

RDockPane acdk::wx::ide::FrameLayout::getPane int  alignment  )  [inline]

Returns a pane for the given alignment.

See pane alignment types. cbDockPane* GetPane( int alignment ) { return mPanes[alignment]; }

RDockPaneArray acdk::wx::ide::FrameLayout::getPanesArray  )  [inline]

RWindow acdk::wx::ide::FrameLayout::getParentFrame  )  [inline]

bool acdk::wx::ide::FrameLayout::hasTopPlugin  )  [inline]

void acdk::wx::ide::FrameLayout::hideBarWindows  )  [inline]

void acdk::wx::ide::FrameLayout::inverseVisibility IN(RBarInfo pBar  )  [inline]

void acdk::wx::ide::FrameLayout::popAllPlugins  )  [inline]

void acdk::wx::ide::FrameLayout::popPlugin  )  [inline]

void acdk::wx::ide::FrameLayout::pushDefaultPlugins  )  [inline]

void acdk::wx::ide::FrameLayout::recalcLayout bool  repositionBarsNow = false  )  [inline]

bool acdk::wx::ide::FrameLayout::redockBar IN(RBarInfo pBar,
IN(RRect shapeInParent,
IN(RDockPane pToPane = Nil,
bool  updateNow = true

void acdk::wx::ide::FrameLayout::refreshNow bool  recalcLayout = true  )  [inline]

void acdk::wx::ide::FrameLayout::removeBar IN(RBarInfo pBar  )  [inline]

void acdk::wx::ide::FrameLayout::setBarState IN(RBarInfo pBar,
int  newStatem,
bool  updateNow

void acdk::wx::ide::FrameLayout::setFrameClient IN(RWindow pFrameClient  )  [inline]

void acdk::wx::ide::FrameLayout::setMargins int  top,
int  bottom,
int  left,
int  right,
int  paneMask = wxALL_PANES

void acdk::wx::ide::FrameLayout::setPaneBackground IN(RColour colour  )  [inline]