class ADelegate

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acdkx::arb::ADelegate Class Reference

#include <ADelegate.h>

Inheritance diagram for acdkx::arb::ADelegate:

acdkx::arb::XMLDelegate List of all members.

Public Member Functions

virtual void invoke (IN(RARB) arb, IN(RObjectID) objid, const dmi::ClazzMethodInfo *cmi,::acdk::lang::dmi::ScriptVarArray &args,::acdk::lang::dmi::ScriptVarArray &ergs,::acdk::lang::dmi::ScriptVar &_theEx)=0
 invoke a method through ARB/ORB.

virtual void dispatch (IN(RARB) arb, IN(::acdk::io::RReader) in, IN(::acdk::io::RWriter) out)=0

Member Function Documentation

virtual void acdkx::arb::ADelegate::dispatch IN(RARB arb,
IN(::acdk::io::RReader in,
IN(::acdk::io::RWriter out
[pure virtual]

Implemented in acdkx::arb::XMLDelegate.

virtual void acdkx::arb::ADelegate::invoke IN(RARB arb,
IN(RObjectID objid,
const dmi::ClazzMethodInfo *  cmi,
::acdk::lang::dmi::ScriptVarArray args,
::acdk::lang::dmi::ScriptVarArray ergs,
::acdk::lang::dmi::ScriptVar _theEx
[pure virtual]

invoke a method through ARB/ORB.

arb the used arb
objid the remote object
cmi information of the method
args The out paramter
ergs the in parameter. If the method has return type, ergs[0] contains the value