class TcpServer

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acdkx::rdmi::TcpServer Class Reference

#include <TcpServer.h>

Inheritance diagram for acdkx::rdmi::TcpServer:

acdk::lang::Object acdkx::rdmi::ServerImpl acdk::lang::ObjectBase acdk::lang::dmi::StdDispatch List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 TcpServer (int portNo)
 TcpServer (IN(RString) host, int portNo)
 TcpServer (IN(acdk::net::RInetAddress) address, int portNo)
virtual RString getLocalServerId ()
virtual RConnection accept (int timeOut=-1)
 server connection

virtual RConnection getClientConnection ()
 creates a client connection

virtual RConnection getLocalServerConnection ()
 only valid if is running as server returns a client connection to its own server

virtual void shutdown ()
virtual bool allowThreading ()

Private Attributes

acdk::net::RServerSocket _serverSocket
acdk::net::RSocket _clientSocket
int _port
RString _host
acdk::net::RInetAddress _address

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

acdkx::rdmi::TcpServer::TcpServer int  portNo  ) 

acdkx::rdmi::TcpServer::TcpServer IN(RString host,
int  portNo

acdkx::rdmi::TcpServer::TcpServer IN(acdk::net::RInetAddress address,
int  portNo

Member Function Documentation

virtual RConnection acdkx::rdmi::TcpServer::accept int  timeOut = -1  )  [virtual]

server connection

timeOut timeout in ms. if -1 the server blocks for ever if timeOut reached, it return Nil

Implements acdkx::rdmi::ServerImpl.

virtual bool acdkx::rdmi::TcpServer::allowThreading  )  [inline, virtual]

Implements acdkx::rdmi::ServerImpl.

virtual RConnection acdkx::rdmi::TcpServer::getClientConnection  )  [virtual]

creates a client connection

Implements acdkx::rdmi::ServerImpl.

virtual RConnection acdkx::rdmi::TcpServer::getLocalServerConnection  )  [virtual]

only valid if is running as server returns a client connection to its own server

Implements acdkx::rdmi::ServerImpl.

virtual RString acdkx::rdmi::TcpServer::getLocalServerId  )  [virtual]

Implements acdkx::rdmi::ServerImpl.

virtual void acdkx::rdmi::TcpServer::shutdown  )  [virtual]

Implements acdkx::rdmi::ServerImpl.

Member Data Documentation

acdk::net::RInetAddress acdkx::rdmi::TcpServer::_address [private]

acdk::net::RSocket acdkx::rdmi::TcpServer::_clientSocket [private]

RString acdkx::rdmi::TcpServer::_host [private]

int acdkx::rdmi::TcpServer::_port [private]

acdk::net::RServerSocket acdkx::rdmi::TcpServer::_serverSocket [private]