class XPathNSResolver

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org::w3c::dom::xpath::XPathNSResolver Class Reference

#include <XPathNSResolver.h>

Inheritance diagram for org::w3c::dom::xpath::XPathNSResolver:

acdk::xml::libxmldom::LibXMLXPathNSResolver List of all members.

Detailed Description

The XPathNSResolver interface permit prefix strings in the expression to be properly bound to namespaceURI strings.

XPathEvaluator can construct an implementation of XPathNSResolver from a node, or the interface may be implemented by any application.

See also the Document acdk::lang::Object Model (DOM) Level 3 XPath Specification.

Public Member Functions

virtual RString lookupNamespaceURI (IN(RString) prefix)=0
 Look up the namespace URI associated to the given namespace prefix.

Member Function Documentation

virtual RString org::w3c::dom::xpath::XPathNSResolver::lookupNamespaceURI IN(RString prefix  )  [pure virtual]

Look up the namespace URI associated to the given namespace prefix.

The XPath evaluator must never call this with a null or empty argument, because the result of doing this is undefined.

prefix The prefix to look for.
Returns the associated namespace URI or null if none is found.

Implemented in acdk::xml::libxmldom::LibXMLXPathNSResolver.