acdkx_net_ssl manual


acdkx_net_ssl provides an implementation for SSLSocket and a client URLConnection for the https protocol.

Content of this chapter:

     Compiling acdkx_net_ssl
   Using acdkx_net_ssl



The implementation acdkx_net_ssl uses the http OpenSSL libary for the encryption and the SSL protocol. To compile acdkx_net_ssl you need to install the OpenSSL library. You can download it at http http://www.openssl.org/source/. On many unix distributions the OpenSLL libraries and headers are already installed. On windows you probably have to download/compile at your own. Please refer to the INSTALL.[our platform] files included in the OpenSSL distribution. At least following libraries has be compiled:
  • libeay32
  • SSLeay32

 Compiling acdkx_net_ssl

To compile acdkx_net_ssl (and derived executables) you have to ajust the global settings in acdkenv.cmd for windows platform or acdk_globals.* for unix platforms. Please refer to following environment variables:
For using a IDE (like Visual Studio) it is recommendable to start the IDE with one of the starter scripts (f.e. startvstudio6.cmd) in the ACDK root directory.

 Using acdkx_net_ssl

Currently ony very basic features are available. Here the sample to use HTTPSUrlConnection:

	acdk::net::RURL url = new acdk::net::URL("https://www.openssl.org");
	// get the byte writer from standard output 
  acdk::io::RWriter rout = ::acdk::lang::System::out->getWriter();
  // retrieve a HTTPS connection, get intput, transfer all input to system out.