Install acdk_python


Describe how to compile/install acdk_python

Content of this chapter:

   Download and compile Python
     On Unix:
     On Windows:
   Configure ACDK
   Compile acdk_python
   Running executables using acdk_python

 Download and compile Python

To compile and rund acdkperl you need the Python 2.1 (or later) package

 On Unix:

- [g]tar zxf Python-2.1.1.tgz
- cd Python-2.1.1
- ./configure 
- make
- su 
- make install
Optional you may have to specifiy following options to ./configure
  • --prefix=/artefaktur/extsrc (where to install python)
  • --enable-shared
  • --enable-unicode=ucs2

 On Windows:

- use gtar or winzip to extract Python-2.1.1.tgz
- Open the workspace .\Python-2.1.1\PCbuild\pcbuild.dsw
- Compile Debug and Release target.
- You may have to copy the python DLL's somewhere into the
  path or expand the path to python DLL's directory.

If you have already installed a runtime version of Python it may work to this, but there may missing includes/libs.

 Configure ACDK

After compiling Python you probably have to ajust some configuration in acdk:
  • Unix: open acdk_globals.[your platform] in the ACDK root directory and ajust the ACDK_PYTHON_* values to point to the correct directories and library names.
  • Windows: open the acdkenv.cmd ACDK root directory and ajust the ACDK_PYTHON* values.
    You have to execute this batch file before you compile the project in a cmd windows. If you use an IDE (like Visual Studio) use some of the start scripts in the ACDK root directory (like startvstudio6.cmd).
    Alternately you can also add these environment variables into your global environment.

 Compile acdk_python

If the environment variables are set correctly acdk_python can be compiled.

 Running executables using acdk_python

To run an executble using acdk_python you may have set environment variables (PATH on Windows and LD_LIBRARY_PATH) to point to ACDK bin directory and the directory of the shared libraries of Python.

On windows you can use the acdkenv.cmd for this purpose.
On Unix os (Linux, bsd, solaris) you may 'source' the acdkenv.[platform] before executing the application.