acdk_wx Installation


How to install acdk_wx.

Content of this chapter:

   Compile acdk libraries
   Download wxWidgets library
       Visual Studio
     On Linux
   Configure ACDK
   Compile acdk_wx
   Running executables using acdk_wx

 Compile acdk libraries

At the first step you have to compile all depending ACDK libraries (like acdk_core).
Please refer to  Compile ACDK.

 Download wxWidgets library

You need the wxWindow/wxWidgets library from http http://www.wxwidgets.org.

Grap the version 2.5.3 or later and compile it.

When compiling acdk_wx you have probably modify some include and library path in the project/make files.

I used wxWindows version 2.4.1/2, 2.5.x and 2.6.

Currently acdk_wx was tested on MS Windows and Linux using GTK.


 Visual Studio

Download the standard MSC package and install it.
Be care, do not install it into a directory, which has a space.

Compiling wxWidgets with Visual Studio use the project file:
\build\msw\wx_dll.dsw and compile all enclosing project with following targets:
"Win32 DLL Unicode Release" "Win32 DLL Unicode Debug"
Open the contrib\build\fl\fl.dsw and compile it with the same targets.

contrib\build\stc\stc.dsw and compile it with the same targets.

Now edit the acdkenv.cmd file and ajust the installation path (ACDK_WX_PATH) for wxWidgets.


It seems that the dependencies in the wx_dll.dsw has circular reference.
Try to remove some dependencies from the adv project if you have problem to compile all targets.

 On Linux

in wxWidgets use:
./configure --prefix=/artefaktur/wxwidgets --enable-debug_gdb --enable-debug --enable-shared --enable-xrc --enable-html --enable-mdi --enable-unicode --disable-no_rtti --disable-no_exceptions (you may have to ajust --prefix argument).

Because ACDK uses exceptions you have to ./configure wxWidgets with the --disable-no_rtti --disable-no_exceptions otions
Next just make the wxWidgets library.
Then goto into the contrib directory and make.

It is better not to install the wxWidget package into the standard directories (like /usr), because it may conflict with your default wxWidgets installation.

 Configure ACDK

After compiling acdk_wx you probably have to ajust some configuration in ACDK:
  • Unix: open acdk_globals.[your platform] in the ACDK root directory and ajust the WX_LIBS and WX_CFLAGS values to point to the correct directories and library names.
  • Windows: open the acdkenv.cmd ACDK root directory and ajust the ACDK_WX_* values.
    You have to execute this batch file before you compile the project in a cmd windows. If you use an IDE (like Visual Studio) use some of the start scripts in the ACDK root directory (like startvstudio6.cmd).
    Alternately you can also add these environment variables into your global environment.

 Compile acdk_wx

If the environment variables are set correctly acdk_wx can be compiled.

 Running executables using acdk_wx

To run an executble using acdk_wx you may have set environment variables (PATH on Windows and LD_LIBRARY_PATH) to point to ACDK bin directory and the directory of the shared libraries of wxWidgets.
On windows you can use the acdkenv.cmd for this purpose.
On Unix os (Linux, bsd, solaris) you may 'source' the acdkenv.[platform] before executing the application.