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ACDK COM+ provides an interface from ACDK to Windows COM and vice versa.

Content of this chapter:

   Type mapping



The ComObject class wrapps an COM ActiveX componound for ACDK. If you have installed Microsoft Word, you can control it with ACDK and it's scripting languages (Lisp, Perl, Tcl, Python, Java) without any further requirements.

using namespace ::acdk::lang::dmi;
void sayWordHello()
    RComObject obj = new ComObject("Word.Application");

    obj->poke("Visible", true);
    RComObject docs = obj->peek("Documents");
    RComObject doc = docs->invoke("Add");
    RComObject sel = obj->peek("ActiveWindow")->peek("Selection");
    RString s("This is ACDK");
    sel->invoke("TypeText", new String("This is "));
    sel->peek("Font")->poke("Bold", true);
    sel->invoke("TypeText", (const char*)"ACDK ");
    sel->peek("Font")->poke("Bold", false);
    sel->invoke("TypeText", (const char*)"instrumenting Word!");
    obj->invoke("Quit", 0);

Now the same through a ACDK script language:

; Lisp:
(defun say-word-hello ()
  (require 'acdkx.com.ComObject)
  (set app (invoke-static 'acdkx.com.ComObject 'New "Word.Application"))
  (poke app 'Visible T)
  (set doc (invoke (peek app 'Documents) 'Add))
  (set sel (peek (peek app 'ActiveWindow) 'Selection))
  (invoke sel 'TypeText "This is ")
  (poke (peek sel 'Font) 'Bold 1)
  (invoke sel 'TypeText "ACDK")
  (poke (peek sel 'Font) 'Bold 0)
  (invoke sel 'TypeText " instrumenting Word through acdklisp")
  (sleep 3000)
  (invoke app 'Quit 0)

With acdk_perl it is also possible to control Word:

sub require_class($)
  my ($cls) = @_;
  my $cl = acdk::new("acdk/lang/ClassLoader");

$word = acdk::invoke_static('acdkx/com/ComObject', 'New', 'Word.Application');
$word->poke('Visible', 1);
$doc = $word->peek('Documents')->Add();
$sel = $word->peek('ActiveWindow')->peek('Selection');
$sel->TypeText("This is ");
$sel->peek('Font')->poke('Bold', 1);
$sel->peek('Font')->poke('Bold', 0);
$sel->TypeText(" instrumenting Word through acdk_perl");
acdk::invoke_static('acdk/lang/Thread', 'sleep', 3000);

Same game with acdk_python:

import acdk
classloader = acdk.Object("acdk/lang/ClassLoader")
word = acdk.invoke_static("acdkx/com/ComObject", "New", "Word.Application")
word.poke("Visible", 1)
doc = word.peek("Documents").Add()
sel = word.peek("ActiveWindow").peek("Selection")
sel.TypeText("This is ")
sel.peek("Font").poke("Bold", 1)
sel.peek("Font").poke("Bold", 0)
sel.TypeText(" instrumenting Word through acdk_perl")
acdk.invoke_static("acdk/lang/Thread", "sleep", 3000)

From Perl ActiveX methods (like TypeText) can be called directly by name.

 Type mapping

Currently named parameters are not supported.