Intialization of ACDKX ORB


Concept how to configure / initialize ACDKX ORB

Content of this chapter:

   The problem
   Actual solution

 The problem

On distributed systems it may be difficult to find an initial starting point, the first intial reference.

The Naming Service provides functions to locate Objects by name, but how to find the Naming Service itself?

  • setting an enviromnent variable or a file with the initial IOR.
  • setting a fixed (or via configuration options) port adress on each computer, where a deamon provides basic services (like locating naming).

 Actual solution

When you startup the acdkx_orb_namesrv, it writes its initial IOR to $ACDKHOME/cfg/acdk_orb_namesrv.ref.

Following ACDKX ORB servers try to load this IOR and register it reference to this name server.