ACDK as standard library


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ACDK has a C++ standard library for all programming of multithreaded server applications platform independent.

Content of this chapter:

   ACDK Standard
   ACDK Professional
   ACDK Dynamic
   ACDK Distributed
   ACDK Enterprise

 ACDK Standard

consists of all functions needed for the production of programs that are not dependent on platforms, yet calls for all kinds of systems are encapsulated in ACDK. Contained are the following:
  •  ACDK Core with acdk::lang, acdk::lang::sys, acdk::lang::ref, acdk::lang::reflect, acdk::io und acdk::util, acdk::locale, acdk::security - mostly with features of Java 2.0
  • Multithreading
  • Flexible memory-managements through the allocator interface.
  • Garbage Collection.
  • Consistent object models.
  • Complete information about objects even while running the disc drive.
  • ClassLoader
  • Internationalization, with dynamic and loadable resources.
  • Serialization for ACDK- Objects.
  • Compilers for the generation of meta-information of ACDK-Objects.

 ACDK Professional

consists of components for operating in the professional field.
  •  ACDK Text including Regular expressions for easy and fast parsing through texts.
  •  ACDK Net with a Java - compatible acdk::net::*-library for easy programming of network applications.
  •  ACDK SQL with MDBC: Access to the SQL database concerning the JDBC 2.0 allocator interface.
  •  ACDK SQL ODBC contains a ODBC-Bridge (works for example with MS Access or MS SQL Server), which works for MySQL and Oracle on Linux/Solaris too.

  • "Wizards" for the generation of classes, programs, and components of ACDK. (Planned)
  • Process-Management Console in the object explorer and trace monitor. (Planned)

Architecture of ACDK

 ACDK Dynamic

consists of libraries and tools to use ACDK in a scripting-environment.
  •  ACDK Lisp, a Lisp- and Java/Jscript-Interpreter, which ACDK uses as an underlying implementation.
  •  ACDK Perl, embedded Perl interpreter with full access to ACDK Objects.
  •  ACDK Tcl, embedded Tcl interpreter with full access to ACDK Objects.
  •  ACDK Python, embedded Python interpreter with full access to ACDK Objects.
  •  ACDK Java, embedded Java with full access to ACDK Objects.

     ACDK Distributed

  •  ACDKX COM+ ActiveX-Bridge to use ACDK-Objects in the windows Scripting Host.
    All ACDK Objects can be used in Visual Basic, JScript, VBScript etc.
    All COM-Components (including Word, Database components, etc.) can be easely used in ACDK
  •  ACDK ORB ACDK-ORB, for an easy and fast realization of distributed systems.
  • XML-RPC interface to all ACDK Objects (Planned).
  • Soap interface to all ACDK Objects (Planned).
  • acdkx_rmi: Java compatible RemoteMethodInvocation with ACDK Java (Planned).

 ACDK Enterprise


Some of the enterprise features are currently not supported
Consists of important components for the integration of ACDK-Objects into companies of the IT landscape.
  •  ACDK XML for an efficient data storage and data exchange.
  • acdk_web for the generation of application servers based on the web (planned).
  • acdkx_sap for generic/fast interface to SAP R/3 hosts (currently not in distribution).