class AbstractCppTask

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acdk::make::AbstractCppTask Class Reference

#include <AbstractCppTask.h>

Inheritance diagram for acdk::make::AbstractCppTask:

acdk::make::AbstractTask acdk::lang::Object acdk::make::Task acdk::lang::ObjectBase acdk::lang::dmi::StdDispatch List of all members.

Detailed Description

Base class for compiling cpp files.

See also:

Public Member Functions

 AbstractCppTask (IN(RString) name, IN(RString) desc)
RTaskInfo getTaskInfo ()
 For logging and working dir.

void addSource (IN(RString) source)
void addSources (IN(RStringArray) sources)
void addLib (IN(RString) lib)
void addIncludeDir (IN(RString) dir)
void addDefine (IN(RString) key, IN(RString) val=)
void addLibraryPath (IN(RString) path)
RFileSet getSourceSet (IN(RProps) props)
 return the file specifications for sources

RFileSet getHeaderSet (IN(RProps) props)
void addCompileType (IN(RString) type)
 Possible targets are: DEBUG / RELEASE SHARED / STATIC SO / STATIC.

virtual bool execute (IN(RString) exec, IN(RProps) props)
 Public interface to execute a task.

RString getReleaseTag (IN(RProps) props)
 returns debug etc.

void setBaseDir (IN(RString) basedir)
 basedir is used to specify base dir for object files.

void setObjBaseDir (IN(RString) basedir)
void addModuleConfigTask (IN(RString) taskname)
 Will overwritten by lib and exe.

RString getCompileCommandLine (IN(RProps) props)
virtual void setupDeps (IN(RProps) props)

Static Public Member Functions

RStringArray expandSources (IN(RStringArray) sa)

Public Attributes

RStringArray _sourceAndHeader
 unexpanded sources and directories

RTaskArray _moduleConfigTasks
RString _defFile

Protected Member Functions

bool _execute (IN(RString) exec, IN(RProps) props, bool executeParents, bool initialize)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

acdk::make::AbstractCppTask::AbstractCppTask IN(RString name,
IN(RString desc

Member Function Documentation

bool acdk::make::AbstractCppTask::_execute IN(RString exec,
IN(RProps props,
bool  executeParents,
bool  initialize

void acdk::make::AbstractCppTask::addCompileType IN(RString type  ) 

Possible targets are: DEBUG / RELEASE SHARED / STATIC SO / STATIC.

void acdk::make::AbstractCppTask::addDefine IN(RString key,
IN(RString val =

void acdk::make::AbstractCppTask::addIncludeDir IN(RString dir  ) 

void acdk::make::AbstractCppTask::addLib IN(RString lib  ) 

void acdk::make::AbstractCppTask::addLibraryPath IN(RString path  ) 

void acdk::make::AbstractCppTask::addModuleConfigTask IN(RString taskname  ) 

Will overwritten by lib and exe.

void acdk::make::AbstractCppTask::addSource IN(RString source  ) 

void acdk::make::AbstractCppTask::addSources IN(RStringArray sources  )  [inline]

virtual bool acdk::make::AbstractCppTask::execute IN(RString exec,
IN(RProps props

Public interface to execute a task.

Implementation Task should implement execute.

exec string identifies what to do
props current properties

Reimplemented from acdk::make::AbstractTask.

RStringArray acdk::make::AbstractCppTask::expandSources IN(RStringArray sa  )  [static]

short directory names or file names
the source file names with path names

RString acdk::make::AbstractCppTask::getCompileCommandLine IN(RProps props  ) 

RFileSet acdk::make::AbstractCppTask::getHeaderSet IN(RProps props  ) 

RString acdk::make::AbstractCppTask::getReleaseTag IN(RProps props  ) 

returns debug etc.

RFileSet acdk::make::AbstractCppTask::getSourceSet IN(RProps props  ) 

return the file specifications for sources

RTaskInfo acdk::make::AbstractCppTask::getTaskInfo  )  [inline, virtual]

For logging and working dir.

valid TaskInfo

Reimplemented from acdk::make::AbstractTask.

void acdk::make::AbstractCppTask::setBaseDir IN(RString basedir  ) 

basedir is used to specify base dir for object files.

void acdk::make::AbstractCppTask::setObjBaseDir IN(RString basedir  )  [inline]

virtual void acdk::make::AbstractCppTask::setupDeps IN(RProps props  )  [virtual]

Member Data Documentation

RString acdk::make::AbstractCppTask::_defFile

RTaskArray acdk::make::AbstractCppTask::_moduleConfigTasks

RStringArray acdk::make::AbstractCppTask::_sourceAndHeader

unexpanded sources and directories