CfgScript IDE


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Use CfgScript with IDEs.

Content of this chapter:

   MS Windows
     Visual Studio
     Experimental GUI Debugger


The CfgScript interpreter is a classical command line interpreter.
You can use any editor to edit .csf files.
See also:  Start and  Debugging.

 MS Windows

 Visual Studio

Add modify with regedit the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\DevStudio\6.0\Text Editor\Tabs/Language Settings\C/C++\FileExtensions and add csf for syntax highlighting (f.e.: cpp;cxx;c;h;hxx;hpp;inl;tlh;tli;rc;rc2;csf).

Add a Tool starting the CfgScript interpreter.
For example:
  • Command: C:\d\artefaktur\acdk\bin\acdkcfgscript_d.exe
  • Arguments: $(FilePath)
  • Working directory: $(FileDir)

Now you can execute the csf file in the current editor.
Output will be printed in the output window. If an exception occurs, the script stack trace will be printed. Double click onto
unhandled exception:
SubSSTstr(). startidx is out of range: String=[asdf];  AccessIndex=[123]; MaxIndex=[4]; 
C:\d\artefaktur\acdk\acdk_core\cfg\csf\tests\acdk\cfgscript\4_classes\25_ScriptOperator_Test.csf(14):     "asdf".substr(123);
 Average Average.operator_pl(int v)
C:\d\artefaktur\acdk\acdk_core\cfg\csf\tests\acdk\cfgscript\4_classes\25_ScriptOperator_Test.csf(26): av = av + 1 + 6; // calls Average.operator+()

You can double click onto the error message to jump into the source.


The UltraEdit editor allows to configure tools. Configure the acdkcfgscript executable as tool, redirect the CfgScript output into a list output. So double click on a error message will enable to jump to source location.

 Experimental GUI Debugger

In the  ACDK WX package is a very experimental GUI debugger CsfIDE.
Currently it runs only under windows.


On Linux many Editor/IDE should be able to configure to edit csf files (use Java syntax coloring) and to execute CfgScript directly from the Edtior/IDE.
  • Emacs
  • Anjuta