Start with CfgScript


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How to use CfgScript

Content of this chapter:

   Download CfgScript
   Install CfgScript
   Using CfgScript
   CfgScript files


CfgScript is part of ACDK and runs on all ACDK supported platforms:
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • FreeBSD
  • Solaris

 Download CfgScript

CfgScript is a part of ACDK.

http ACDK Download on Sourceforge.

 Install CfgScript

Currently there is no binary distribution of ACDK or CfgScript.
You have to compile it at your own from the ACDK sources.

At minimum you have to compile the acdk_core module from the ACDK source distrubtion. This will generate a binary acdkcfgscript[_r/_d.exe].

 Using CfgScript

acdkcfgscript [acdk-options] <ScriptFile>
acdkcfgscript [acdk-options] -e script code
../bin/acdkcfgscript_d.exe -e 'out.println("Hello Folks");'
Hello Folks
See more at  acdkcfgscript.

 CfgScript files

CfgScript files has the extension .csf.
Most CfgScript files included into the ACDK distribution are located under the direction [package_name]/cfg/csf.
Samples and unit tests can be found under the directory acdk_core/cfg/csf/tests.