CfgScript Statements


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Statments represends the basic operations to control execution flow

Content of this chapter:



:  Expression 
|  BlockStatment
|  BranchStatement
|  LoopStatement
|  SynchronizeStatement
|  TypeDecl
|  VarDecl
|  UsingStatement
|  TypeAliasStatement

Sub chapter pages:

The ExpressionStatment just terminate an Expression with a ';'

The block statement groups multiple statements.

Branches are conditional or unconditinal

Various loops, like do/while, while, for, foreach are available

Type declarations introduces new Types in a Script

Type declarations introduces new Variable in a Script

CfgScript allow real multithread applications.

The with statement introduce a shortcut to an often used expression.

Using Statement import namespaces or object into current scope

Type alias introduces new name for anothother type name