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Type alias introduces new name for anothother type name

Content of this chapter:

   Predefined Type Alias


: 'typealias' TypeName TypeName ';'
typealias introduce a new name for an existent type.
The new type name is valid in the current and child scopes.

 Predefined Type Alias

Following type alias are predefined (and cannot be overwritten):
  • Any is acdk.lang.dmi.DmiObject
  • Rest is acdk.lang.dmi.DmiObjectArray
  • NamedRest is acdk.lang.dmi.DmiNamedArgArray
  • Delegate is acdk.lang.dmi.DmiDelegate


typealias acdk.lang.String mytype;

mytype s = "asdf";
  typealias acdk.lang.Integer mytype;
  mytype is = new Integer(42); 
// now is mytype a string again
s = "asdf";

See also:  Using Statement.